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Picture of residential house mold growth in Houston, Texas.
Picture of advanced mold growth of a new home under construction in
Houston, Texas. See more mold growth pictures from this same house on the
home page of this website.

Picture of red mold growth on Houston, Texas, gym wall.
             Picture of red mold growing on a wall in a Houston, Texas, gymnasium.

Houston Mold Q & A

If you have a question about mold, you can get free mold advice from mold expert Phillip Fry. Email your mold question or problem to phil@moldinspector.com.  You can also attach pictures of your mold problems.

Q. Dec. 1, 2013. There is apparent mold growth on many timbers of our new Houston, Texas, home that is presently under construction. Are these actually moldy timbers and what should I require the home builder to do in mold removal?

The mold pictures (see home page of this website and to the left of this column) depict very advanced and dangerous mold growth on the timbers of your house under construction. The home builder needs to use a portable grinder with wire brush attachment to clean the wood to visibly mold-free---or replace each board that cannot be so cleaned. Each surface of each framing board needs to be sprayed with a heavy coating of Tim-Bor wood protectant to protect the wood against both mold and termites. Tim-Bor is EPA-registered as both a mold fungicide and and a wood-eating insecticide. You or your builder can purchase Tim-Bor at www.timborprofessional.com. Any time you need my future mold help, I am here to serve you, best wishes---Phillip Fry, Certified Environmental Hygienist, Certified Mold Inspector, Certified Mold Remediator, and author of five mold books. Email phil@moldinspector.com or phone toll-free 1-866-300-1616.

June 30, 2012. Do know of any good mold inspectors in Houston, Texas? And does this look like mold to you on this inside wall? There is some on the outside wall adjacent to this area. Please see my attached picture of the red stuff growing on the wall.

A. You can get a complete list of Texas licensed mold inspectors ("mold assessment consultants") in the Houston Area from the Texas Dept. of Health website.   Although red colored mold is relatively rare, it can grow on plastered walls that have become wet.  Your picture depicts widespread mold growth on the wall. Your picture references the picture as being a "gym" wall. Is this a gym wall in a public place like a school or private gym club?  If so, you need to persuade the facility or administrator to have the mold immediately tested and removed properly for the safety of gym users. Read the 25 steps for safe and effective mold remediation. If I can be of further help, please email me. In service, Phillip Fry, Mold Expert, Certified Environmental Hygienist, Certified Mold Inspector, and Certified Mold Remediator

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